Here are some tips for making your practice a pleasant one for you and your fellow yogis.

Arrive on time.

We know that life happens and sometimes it is a struggle to get to class on time. We ask that you do your best to be punctual, giving yourself the time you need to check in, put away your items, roll out your mat, and gather any props you’ll need for class.

Remove your shoes and socks and leave all belongings outside of the studio.

All of our classes are practiced with bare feet. We provide cubbies in the lobby and also have lockers for you to put your personal belongings in.

This includes your phone.

Our studio spaces are device free zones. Please allow this time at yoga to be an escape from outside distractions for both you and the rest of the class. This applies to pre-class time as well. Want to take some pics? Great! We just ask that you wait until everyone has finished with their final rest before doing so.

Tell your teacher about any injuries.

We will help you adjust your postures to ensure that you are practicing safely and know when to avoid hands-on adjustments that may aggravate your injury.

Do the pose that is called.

Our classes are sequenced with attention and care. Unless you are modifying for an injury, please do the pose that is called. You are always welcome to stay after class if there are additional postures you’d like to practice.

Be aware of your space.

Yoga classes can get packed; when the last-minute stragglers file in, you’ll often see them scanning the room for a strategic spot to roll out their mat. Be neighborly by making room for them, if it’s available. In smaller classes, please do your best to stagger your mat so that the person behind you has a clear view of the mirror. Lastly, mind your steps: it’s polite to avoid walking on a fellow yogi’s mat.

Respect the savasana.

We have time built into every class for final rest. If you need to leave early, please set up at the back of the studio and make your exit quiet. If  you would like to stay and play or chat, please wait until we are finished with savasana before beginning any conversation or moving on to another pose.

Clean up.

Please wipe down rental mats with cleaner and return all props to their proper homes so that the studio is clean and ready for the next class.

Don’t take yourself so seriously!

It is important to be safe by practicing proper alignment, but don’t sweat it if you mess up. It means you are human. As the saying goes: it is yoga practice, not yoga perfect. We all make mistakes, fall down and mess up. IT’S JUST YOGA. Have fun with it!!