Cheryl Hutmacher


What made you want to be a god damn yoga teacher?

My yoga journey began in Raleigh, North Carolina in 2010. My first class was on May 24th, ironically her daughter’s birthday, as she was the one who convinced Cheryl to try Bikram Yoga. She clearly remembers her first class and it was not pretty! At some point she tried to leave the room and crawl towards the exit, but the teacher gently and confidently encouraged her to remain in the hot room. This planted the seeds of determination and tolerance of temporary discomfort that made Cheryl want to return the next day and learn the series of 26 postures.

Cheryl did not start practicing yoga to cure or relieve any chronic or acute physical condition, but was simply curious what yoga was all about. The benefits of that initial introductory week quickly became apparent to her and her family. She felt happier all the time, more patient and no longer disturbed by the “stuff” that life presents. Physically, her body just worked better inside and out. Without much deliberation, she applied for teacher training and successfully earner her certification in Fall of 2011.

Cheryl has travelled and guest taught for many studios in various yoga communities. Her teaching style is dialogue centered, motivational, humorous, and alignment focused. Her teaching goal is to encourage students to relax their mind and body for 90 minutes, to connect to their breath, to conceptualize the postures, and then to allow the mind/body connection to happen, in time. She looks forward to practicing with the yogis worldwide and planting the seeds that may help students take their practice to the next level. Namaste.