Are all of your classes hot?

Most of the classes at JPY are heated. However, our classes range from unheated to 95 degrees, depending on the type of class. So, if you just don’t want any heat, we have options for you! You can find the temperatures for each specific class in our class descriptions.

How should I prepare for class?

Drink plenty of fluids the day before and the day of class. Always. Proper hydration is very important. We also highly suggest that you include electrolytes with your water after class. We are happy to recommend our favorites and even have some to purchase in house.

But I’m not flexible/fit enough?

Yay!!  if you’re looking for greater flexibility and strength you are in the right place! Those are perfect reasons to start a yoga/fitness program. All of the classes at JPY are all level. Move at your own pace and take as many breaks as you need. There are always ways to modify the poses to make them more accessible for your body. We have props and our staff is trained to help you. We’ve got you! Our Align and Refine classes are a perfect for people who would like to start at a slower pace with time to learn the intricacies of the poses and modifications. Check out our schedule and sign up now!

What should I wear?

Wear something that you can move freely and feel comfortable in. It is hot and you will sweat, so keep that in mind. We do ask that you leave your shoes and socks off for all classes. If you are looking to invest in some yoga clothes, we sell those!! Come on in and check out our selection!

Do you have showers?

Yes! We have men’s and women’s locker rooms. They are stocked with shampoo, conditioner and body wash and hair dryers. Towels are available to rent for $2.

It is my first class, what do I do?

Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to sign up and get acquainted with our space. Come hydrated and ready for anything! Click here to see the schedule.

How many times a week should I practice?

That completely depends on what you are looking to get from the practice. If you are ready for total transformation, we recommend coming 4-5 times a week. If you are looking to supplement your regular fitness routine, or just want a little yoga in your life, 2-3 times a week will probably work great for you. We have memberships and class packages that suit all needs. See membership options here.